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We puts client's interests first. Our multilingual support team provides consistent and reliable service throughout the day and into the night, operat

Our vision

Committed to allowing people to invest and trade with confidence in an innovative and reliable trading environment; providing traders with a wide range of asset choices, an excellent trading platform, and easy trading conditions. And provide traders with first-class personal service and unwavering integrity support.

About Us

We aim to provide you with the best trading conditions, powered by both industry-leading and cutting edge innovative platforms. Our R&D efforts constantly push the boundaries of liquidity and usability to empower you to benefit from a truly exceptional trading environment.

The founding members of we spent their early days doing what they do best: Trading. It was through this experience that they found what obstacles traders were facing while trading, roadblocks and pain points that the industry was simply not solving. Driven by the desire to solve these problems for fellow traders, they went forth to search for a solution.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have made tremendous growth; and have more than 300,000 registered customers worldwide and execute more than 2,000,000 orders per month.

The company's current total monthly transaction volume exceeds $70 billion. With its user-oriented philosophy and strong financial backing, we have become a unique broker in the field of online trading. From 24-hour multilingual support, to a wide range of trading platforms and services, we have successfully created an excellent trading environment for traders of all stages. Its trading products are extensive and rich, covering foreign exchange transactions, stocks, commodities and indices, digital currencies and other products.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice trading novice, the extremely inclusive trading platform and services are designed to give you the best balance between simplicity and sophistication. That's why we've won more than 30 industry-renowned awards since 2009.