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Standard account

Standard accounts provide customers with a safe and convenient trading environment with up to 1000 times leverage.

50 lot maximum size per transaction

Leverage(1000 maximum)

Fees (overnight interest)

Transaction products(Foreign exchange, commodities, CFDs)

Account currency (USD, EUR, GBP)

Appropriate for personal investors who have experience

Familiarize yourself with our Transaction Platform

We understand that diversify risk is an important goal in an investment strategy, so we provide our clients with the ability to trade in multiple different kinds of financial products. You can trade a variety of different products on our platform such as foreign currency pairs, gold, and silver. In order to best provide for the needs of our customers, we offer several different types of accounts to meet the different requirements of our customers ranging from beginner to professional trader.

There comes a time in a person's life when he saves a small sum of money and is caught between a rock and a hard place. What investment opportunities are possible for you and your funds? Well, the answer is simple. The daily trading volume of the foreign exchange market is about 5 trillion US dollars! This staggering amount not only includes transactions between banks, countries and major corporations, but millions of people at different financial stages invest in the vibrant foreign exchange market every day. We provide a variety of subject matter for trading, such as digital currency, stocks, gold, crude oil, foreign exchange, etc.

Major characteristics

Multiple asset trading (foreign exchange, stock index, precious metals, oil, digital currency)

3 chart types (line, bar and candle)

6 types of pending orders

Support 0.01 micro hand

Fund transfer between accounts

One-click trading

12 schedules

38 trading indicators, 37 graphical objects

Transaction History Information