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We offers investors from all around the world an advanced trading platform for online forex trading,contracts for differences(CFDs),and commodity trad

Instant Deposits. Fast Withdrawals. No Fees.

Fund your account easily and securely through our wide range of payment options. Your funds are held securely in a Tier 1 Bank.

Trading account deposits

The minimum deposit is 1,000$ at the time of account opening. The minimum for subsequent deposits is 100 dollars for each deposit.

1.For Digital currency money to our designated digital currency purse, each minimum $100 in gold, and delivered within 1 working day in time, poundage is digital goods.
2.For transferring dollars via bank transfer: the deposit is unlimited. It requires two working days to complete the transfer. The fees associated with such transfers vary from bank to bank.
3. The deposit is at least $ 100 and can be freely managed according to the card type and personal restrictions. You can make a large deposit through the bank wire. Deposit time is usually less than 1 hour and does not charge any fees. After the transfer is complete, the fund will be automatically deposited in your trading account, and the payment time is usually within 1 working day.

After a successful payment, the capital will automatically be deposited into your trading account. This generally takes less than one working day. Please make sure to only use bank accounts owned by the owner of the account. Third party payment is not accepted

If you have made a deposit, but have not received the deposit into your trading account within one working day, please contact online customer service. In the email, be sure to include the deposit time and precise deposit amount. Furthermore, if you can attach a print screen showing the successful deposit, that would be helpful.

Please note: If clients are unable to deposit funds into their account due to a technological problem, {company_name} will not be liable. Clients should ensure that they have enough capital to withstand adverse fluctuations in the financial markets.

USD unionpay deposit

USD unionpay deposit is free of charge. For clients who deposit to their account with USD via unionpay, your bank cards are deducted in USD, and the currency deposited into your trading account will be the equivalent amount of the base currency your trading account uses. For example, if you have a US dollar account, you will receive US dollars. The exchange rate between USD and other corresponding currencies is our closing rate.

Bank transfer with USD dollars

You can also deposit into your account by transferring funds into {company_name}'s client account in ASB bank. This cannot be conducted through the {company_name} website. To deposit US dollars via bank transfer, you must use the transfer services provided by your bank.

International transfers generally take one or two working days to reach the destination. After your capital reaches {company_name}'s client account in ASB bank, we will deposit it into your trading account. When remittance, please remark your”customer background ID”or”trading account”for reference. For bank account information, please reference {company_name}'s customer office page.

Please take note that when your transfer arrives at ASB bank, we can only deposit the funds into your trading account during business hours. Our business hours are Monday to Friday London time 9:00 – 17:00.

In order to help you to process your deposit quickly, please send your'wire transfer receipt','background ID' and 'name' to {email} after wire transfer.

Please understand that when transferring money abroad and exchanging currencies, many banks charge excess fees for such services. Please contact your bank to understand the associated fees of conducting such transactions. If the currency used to deposit into your {company_name} trading account is different than the base currency for your trading account, {company_name} will use the closing rate to exchange the fundsinto the base currency for your trading account. If you would like to know what today's closing rate is, please contact the customer service

Trading Account Withdraw

1. For a bank transfer using US dollars, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 dollars for each transaction. It takes three to seven working days to each the destination account (This time varies from country to country). Handling charges for these transactions are different in different countries. The average amount is 20 dollars per transaction.
2. For a USD Unionpay withdrawal, the minimum amount is 50 dollars for each transaction. It takes 1 to 5 working days to reach the account and comes with no handling charge.

For all withdrawal requests, if they are received before 2 p.m. London time, we will finish our part of processing the request by the end of the working day, if the requests cannot be processed within the day, it will be preferentially handled on the next business day.
Our business hours are: Monday to Friday 09: 00—17:00 (British time).

In order to uphold the rights and interests of both our clients and {company_name}, clients may be required to show proof of identification before withdrawing funds. Furthermore, you must log into the client office before you withdraw money for the first time. Once logged in, click -withdraw money- and input your withdrawal confirmation number. The withdrawal confirmation number is only required for the first withdrawal and won't be needed once the first withdrawal has been successfully completed. A withdrawal confirmation code is sent to each customer's inbox after they successfully open a trading account.

If you would like to withdraw all of the funds in your account, please close all of your market positions, apply to withdraw through your account, and send an email to {email}.

If you apply to withdraw funds that you do not have available in your account, we will cancel your application.
In order to keep withdrawal requests as efficient as possible, {company_name} will only process one withdrawal per customer per day. If you need to modify a withdrawal request please contact {email} . After receiving your email, we will confirm with you whether or not your desired modification is feasible

Notes on USD Unionpay deposit and withdrawal

For clients in China complying with anti-money laundering procedures and depositing with USD via Unionpay, when withdrawing money, withdrawal amount will be sent back to deposit bank account in the form of a "refund".

If your account makes money and your capital cannot be sent back to the bank account from which you deposited your money initially, we will send the capital to a different bank account provided by you. The bank documents (online banking screenshots / bank drafts) you provide must include the account information of the receiving bank, such as the name of the receiving bank, the name of the payee, and the account number.

If you need to be provided with any additional information, please contact the Chinese staff at the {company_name} office and they will assist you.

We cannot handle any form of third party payment, please make sure your bank account is your own personal bank account.

Once your withdrawal application has been successfully processed by {company_name} staff, the processing time for the money withdrawal usually takes three to seven working days.

If your bank card is stolen or bank account has been compromised in any way, or if you need to modify your bank account information with us, please inform us before submitting a withdrawal application.